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SourceLess Platform Lightpaper v1.0

SourceLess Environment : Community Web / Property Web — Lifetime / Web major upgrade / Web without borders / Web 3.0 / All people web / Real Community Web — Features and Major FaQ.

Birth Date : 27.07.2020 00:00 Romania Time / Bucharest

Source-Less Web Environment , MVP/Prototype presentation and registration for Domains .

Register and you will be first person that can have the ‘’ ’89 fresh start of the Internet ‘’– Now in 2020 — In the Blockchain Web Network named SourceLess (maybe you will say : Ok , but there are already some decentralised or distributed — free/shared hosting web platform as — Free Net — Zero Net — Metamask — Dweb and others — let’s not forget a lot of pioneer-projects in web decentralisation as Torrents and the Networks derivated from there , SourceLess Platform we hope it’s the best from all of that examples — Some of the solutions :

Solution : SourceLess will have a fresh new addressing ad identity for personal or business users : As a moment zero for internet (web) domain addresses -There is no ICANN or other Registration Company or Institution or even a state — You are and the Blockchain ! All registered members can get an address for life , as the network will grow , there will be more value and the piece of Internet — SourceLess will grow ! If now there are a lot of websites already registered as “There are over 1.5 billion websites on the world wide web today. Of these, less than 200 million are active. The milestone of 1 billion websites was first reached in September of 2014, as confirmed by NetCraft in its October 2014 Web Server Survey and first estimated and announced by Internet Live Stats” — we don’t take over that –or advise not to purchase domains and hosting ! No ,they will coexist , but we think that internet should be “free for all“ . And anyone can decide if it’s better or worse to create against the law projects , on SourceLess Web !

Solution SourceLess Web technology will be a similar to a Browser/App for PC-s , Windows and Mac but also for IOS and Android ; with shared — hosting technology — with a start — initial space of 1GB for personal and business use ; but wait this is not all , the hosting space will also be self-balancing for 95% user efficiency needs and with a auto-add-hosting measure unit where you can have support from other members just on the support page — similar as ‘likes’ on the major social media environments and I case of big data hosting needs you can rent some hosting for any users with a price around 10 time more cheaper than usual costs for individual medium websites !

Also there will be a modular software architecture — with build-in tools — so any new user should use it very easy — no codding skills needed (with build-in drag and drop ) and a lot of easy-way of building profile — for social personal pages & any type of websites ! Take a look on the presentation on . Actually there will be a piece of the web — faster and cheaper with multi-functionality included ! Social media mixing in one place under your own name !

We don’t force users to create an “SourceLess” subdomain , or just an account where the control for domain value and ads will bring up only for the Company Owners/ Founders etc. In a nice way , we try to offer value to all our users , since the domain will include 1 cryptocurrency , and 1 share in SourceLess company , we try to have a community company with all features included , technical solution and support . Multi functionality all the way in an App/Browser with prices 1/10 cheaper then actual hosting+domain addresses — in case of larger web needs / commercial websites ! Free life domain — free hosting for personal users and some of the business-type websites !

Inside the SourceLess Platform , email-chat-communication will be instant-encrypted and user — saved only — without third party involved as all the info

In SourceLess ecosystem data ! P2P / Blockchain write and read — as rights .

Get now your STR.domain and you can still find ! SourceLess will be in Beta — starting 27 july 2020 ! First 100 000 addresses for personal use — STR.first or Str.lastname ; Str.nickname — it doesn’t matter . There are a lot of domain names in STR : as there are 54 characters letters and numbers , you can use ; also there will be a later upgrade to add symbols under Domain address ! In SourceLess there are some important features for any member : First on 27.07.2020 we will provide a registration form where you can select your domain name , and information about your hosting space / sharing option for other members , type of the STR website you want to have ; Personal (social media and more ) or Business type — (informal , commercial and so on .)

SourceLess it’s part of Ccoin Network Group , and there are some connected websites :


& &

& ) .

The cryptocurrency will be part in the entire ecosystem and it can be instantly used for transaction inside the SourceLess Environment ! The smart contract with the registration features will be applied first for the token owners (ccoin/ccos) , with priority for all the members that participated in the Private Sale — legit members / verified , because there are 30000+ Members , and not all are verified as legit members , but for those there will be a small delay for the registration as they need to purchase at least 1 ccos in order to get they’re addresses with SourceLess.

SourceLess will have dedicated Blockchain , named SourceLess Blockchain (in Dev Now ) , and there will be domain registration ( with personal data as property . Also after Beta will end in SourceLess , there will be also 1 share for each address registered , and 1 ccos for same address .

The technology behind SourceLess it’s one similar to — WebTorrent” wich is a streaming torrent client for Node.js and the SourceLess web .

But applied to our Network where decentralisation it’s already a fact and a success , it bring one of the biggest problem with web hosting expenses and traffic download/upload to zero ; as we can have as much users/visitors without the server capacity and web reading/use to be affected . Everyone in the network became a server itself , each device can be a value to the network hosting space / seeding processors : Pc’s , Servers , Mobiles , and all other smart devices registered in the network.

So there are a lot of motives to just try-it and get value , even if you are a gold digger in cryptocurrency , a blockchain tech enthusiast , a curious person , or a tech geek , or even a normal web user/social media : we invite all of you to share with us a little of your time and get a piece of the web — in ownership !

Today we are small , but with you , community web can turn into a new age in The Web/Internet .

So if now you can get as many addresses on SourceLess Registration Webpage :

After 100 000 addresses will be submitted we will still have registrations but with the most wish to have it free 100% it’s not possible , because we have also initial space and a lot of expenses for the SourceLess Network that need support . But let’s be honest now ,we cannot build A New Web from scratch with a lot of benefits directly to all members without having to pay a dime (1 ccos ).For this you will get 1 share at the company and of course 1 crypto unit (1 ccos) : there will also be 63.000.000 shares for each of our ccos tokens in the entire ecosystem , So you will own a small piece of SourceLess Blockchain and SourceLess Web .

So for 1 ccos you will have 1 address , 1 ccos token , 1 share on SourceLess company and the right to do whatever you want with your digital/virtual Network space and Address — sell , rent etc . You can anyway exchange anytime your Ccoins on the exchanges for other crypto , or FIAT at the time Beta will end (BETA will be for 6 months) but you will loose also the address that you have created for 6 months , and you will loose any right for that address ! Anyone can register your address , if you will wish to exchange your ccos used for registration , without having any obligation to you !

There will be many other updates , we are trying to make a better presentation for our entire SourceLess ,Web but we want to provide this as an announcement of the Launching Date !

You can Pre-Register now , also you should create an wallet on CCoin-Wallet , as there it’s a 3.5 usd price for 1 ccos ! After 27 we will have a 5.00 USD / CCos for 90 days . At listing price on our website/partner websites .



SourceLess Web Environment

Alexandru Stratulat

@ CCoin Network




SourceLess Blockchain Architect

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Alexandru Stratulat

Alexandru Stratulat

SourceLess Blockchain Architect

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